WHAT IS IT ?    An everlasting floral gift, designed with Japanese style and simplicity. A refreshing change from the traditional bouquet.

WHO IS IT FOR ?    Any lady in your life. This gift has no age barriers. It appeals to your Girlfriend just as much as your Grandmother. Ladies, don't forget the man in your life, this minimalist style also looks good in a Batchelor Pad.

WHY BUY IT ?    We can deliver within 7 working days a gift to last forever. Our flowers never fade and do not need water. Hay fever and allergy sufferers will thank you for this fragrance free and pollen free gift.

OCCASIONS    These floral displays are suitable for any gift or occasion. We have listed below reasons why they make such a thoughtful and also useful gift and why they have been bought by customers in the past.

  • So easy to purchase and will suit all homes in any room
  • Available in various colours, choose from vibrant orange to delicate white
  • Your holiday home will not look empty and bare with these delightful flowers to greet you
  • Why not use one for a hospital visit. The flowers and foliage continue to look fresh and come home with the patient
  • Ideal for:
    Birthdays - Anniversaries - Good Luck - New Home or New Office - Get Well - Corporate or Promotional Gifts
  • Easter - Valentines Day - Mothers Day - Christmas - Congratulations - Sympathy - I'm Really Sorry - I Love You

The 'Nara' displays in particular represent a half moon associated with the Moon Viewing Festival in Japan. The simplicity of style and use of one colour in flowers is typical. Space between flower and foliage essential 'for a butterfly to pass through'.

Widely is practised today as a restful hobby, ikebana was originally created by priests as offerings to the gods and even by Samurai warriors as a means of relaxation away from their less gentle pursuits.

Although there are numerous 'schools' devoted to the subject, all our creations have the same basic structure.

  • The Past:
    is represented by any dried material - life that has gone before.
  • The Present:
    is held in the fully opened bloom and should be appreciated for its beauty now.
  • The Future:
    is held in the unopened bud, a promise of things to come.